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Chiropractic & More

We get to the cause of your health concern and
give you the tools to live life to the fullest

Regain Your Health
To Live Your Best Life

Are you limited in doing something?  What if we could help you be able to do certain things easier or better naturally without the use of drugs? You should be able to do anything because your potential is unlimited.
Dr. Ronit wants to help you improve your function and overall health.

Learn About Dr. Ronit's 
Unique Approach To Healing 

Interferences on the nervous system cause health problems.  We check this using advanced computerized thermal technology and bio structural digital X-rays and motion studies. Then we help people make corrections using physical, chemical, and emotional approaches. Our office is unique in respect to working on retraining and rebuilding the natural curves of the spine with chiropractic adjustments and corrective exercises. In addition,
we support patients’ overall health through 1-1 health coaching monthly or weekly depending on severity of each patient’s health concern. We focus on such things as Acid/Alkaline testing, detoxification, dietary assessments, breathing techniques and workshops.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation & Thermal Scan

Serenity Holistic offers holistic medicine and chiropractic care in Queens. We work closely with patients to create treatment plans unique to each individual’s needs. During your initial visit, you will be thoroughly evaluated as we determine the best course of treatment for your condition. Contact us at 718-224-6124 or visit our Services page for information on treatment options at our practice.

What Our Patients Think About Us

Dr. Ronit is a gifted healer. She looks at the entire person not just an X-ray. I’ve only been getting treated for about 2 months and my mood has stabilized a bit, walking is much easier, and my hips feel much more flexible than before!
After all Dr. Ronit has helped me I knew I could trust her with my daughter. I took her to her pediatrician and they noticed that she had a “tic” she was doing this uncontrollable thing with her eye and said she would likely need to see a neurologist. Since I know first hand how much her work has helped patients with so many different things I decided to take her to see Dr. Ronit first. She made her feel very safe and comfortable and after just one adjustment I have noticed her doing it considerably less. I’m so glad I went with my gut and took my daughter to see her first. I can’t wait to see what other improvements await for her 🙂
I came here after seeing many doctors and physical therapist for months hoping to recover from a sports injury. Being an athlete and playing division 1 soccer, I believed I would have a high level of attention with orthopedics and athletic trainers. But in my case it was very frustrating listening to my health officials say they don't know how to cure or treat me or doing many injections PRP/cortisone. After doing my own research I have come here and finally was able to accurately find the real cause of my injury. My unaligned body was putting pressure on parts of my body where it shouldn't and it was so painful I couldn't walk some days. Just after a few sessions at Serenity, I feel completely different. It brought me hope that I can go back to playing or even daily life activities. I have never thought about a chiropractor before but now it really changed my life. Very grateful to have found this place.
Dr Ronit Vilan is a compassionate and highly skilled Chiropractor. She takes the time to listen to your concerns. Under her instruction you will learn to listen to your body and make better lifestyle choices. My neck and pelvis are truly grateful for it. I recommended her to my family, friends, and colleagues.
Serenity Holistic is my happy place! Dr. Ronit is extremely knowledgeable and is a master at her craft! I learn something new about how my body works at every visit. Jenn is warm, welcoming and will help you get set up. I HIGHLY recommend for any and everyone!
I had first came in because of back/neck pain and other medical problems that I didn't think was because of the spine. For example I was having stomach issues and gas pain. Since getting adjustments with Dr. Ronit, I have seen amazing results with pain relief, my posture, and overall health. Plus her and her team are great people.10/10 recommend!!!!!!
Dr. Ronit is extremely personable and compassionate. You really feel that she cares about everything you are going through and gives you plenty of time. She goes out of her way to explore different methods that would help her patients! Overall I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their life.