Improve Your Brain Function

Brain Image

“I can’t remember what I just read.”
“What did I just come into this room to get?”
“I have to take a break because I can’t focus anymore.”

If this sounds familiar and you want a natural way to improve concentration, focus and memory keep reading. Recent research shows that adjustments help to boost your cognitive function. The wellness of your spine is strongly connected with the wellness of your brain.
Proper spinal alignment helps speeds reaction time by improving the sensorimotor abilities by making the neural connections
a lot faster and more efficient.

Stimulates brain activity

The brain requires stimulation from a lot of sources. It gets it from foods that we eat, it needs emotional input through the conversations we have, reading, having fun; and then there is a mechanical component to this as well. 90% of the stimulation of the brain happens from movement of the spine. It circulates fluid and provides nutrients for overall health of the brain and the nervous system. If joints are locked, they can no longer provide the stimulation of the brain. They cannot send vital information back up to the brain. The brain is always in a state of learning.