Jacuzzi Experience

This is a term I learned when I started attending conferences and seminars. It is not like going to a movie. You listen to the speakers and they are supposed to move you to a whole other place.   Sometimes they play exciting music so you get amped up and you leave feeling like you can do anything.

Ever experience that? Or maybe you did listening to something on Youtube.

It is just like being in a Jacuzzi. It feels great and warm but when you get out you are back to normal life and you get chilly again.

Ask yourself what am I looking to accomplish or change?

You don’t just want to feel good for the moment right? I relate this to getting adjusted too. How is getting adjusted going to make you a better, healthier person? Or do you just want that momentary feeling of no pain?

And after you get adjusted you may not feel great right away but thousands upon thousands have. Look at someone whose been doing it for a while and what has their outcome result been? Like ME. I have been getting adjusted since I was 13 or 14. I have not been to the hospital except to have my children naturally, without drugs. I don’t take any medications. My recent physical and blood work was outstanding.  I would not have gotten to the next level if I stopped chiropractic care after I had the Jacuzzi experience.

You have to allow yourself the possibility of the experience being greater than you ever imagined.

That’s why it is so important to have your atlas clear. If you don’t know what that is, find out TODAY. I can tell you stories of transformation of people’s lives being changed once their atlas was clear.

Say to yourself, do I want to be a part of that? Am I ready to better myself? I want that quality of life and I am going to do whatever I need to make it happen!

Chiropractic And Leg Length

Because the spinal cord is housed by the spine and the exiting nerve roots communicate with the autonomic nerves that basically run our organ function, maintaining alignment of the spine and pelvis is very important to minimize nerve irritation and subsequent health-related problems.

Leg length plays and important role in posture. When there is a difference in leg length, it is usually because the pelvis is twisted. The pelvis cannot maintain a level position, and because the spine’s base is the pelvis, it cannot stay straight if there is a leg length discrepancy. This will in turn throw everything off. People can even experience shoulder or knee pain from the pelvis being off and in turn leg length being uneven. One give away is when a patient says they have pain turning in bed.

A pelvis can get twisted thereby effecting leg length from many different activities such as sleeping wrong, getting in and out of the car, or lifting improperly. You may or may not experience any pain at first in your pelvis or low back.

The way chiropractors check leg length discrepancy is by having a patient lay face down and checking the heels. You can check this as well at home. If one heel is shorter or longer than the other, it is a good sign that the pelvis is twisted and the person needs an adjustment.


Banana Tea To Help You Sleep


Sleep used to be so easy. Lack of sleep has been shown to have many negative effects on the body. You need sleep for  your body to heal. 

If for some reason you’ve been experiencing difficulty falling asleep whether it’d be because of medication or you just can’t  seem to get off your phone, then this banana tea might just be what you need.

Banana peels are jam-packed with potassium and magnesium. Both minerals help relax your muscles, especially magnesium, which is well-known for being the “most relaxing mineral” in the body.

Make sure you use 100% organic bananas for this recipe. Conventional bananas are loaded with harmful pesticides, which you’ll want to avoid.


1 organic banana

1 small pot of water

a dash of cinnamon (optional)

Cut off both ends of the banana and place it into boiling water. Let it boil for around 10 minutes. Using a colander, pour the water into a mug. Sprinkle the cinnamon into the tea. Drink it one hour before going to sleep.

You can eat the boiled banana to not be wasteful.