Virus Protection Checklist

Free Virus Protection                                                        Worth the Investment


ELIMINATE FEAR                                                                 EAT REAL FOOD

It is good to be informed but don’t be consumed.                              More fruits and veggies. When

                                                                                                                                   selecting meat – organic, grass fed,

DON’T SMOKE                                                                                           hormone/antibiotic free, free-range,

Smoking will compromise the balance of your                                       wild-caught.   

Immune system and increases risk of autoimmune disorders.


DON’T EAT THE SAD                                                         This is nature’s first food.  Babies need  

Stay away from highly processed and refined foods. They            this to build an immune system, so we

contain toxic carcinogens.                                                                            can also benefit. 2-3 tsps 2x/day empty


SPEAK LIFE                                                                           VITAMIN C  3-5,000 mg/day

Speak calming and peaceful words, meditate, breathe.            

                                                                                                                                VITAMIN D 5,000 IU/day


Exercise at least 30 min a day.  Be outside in the sun                  ZINC 60 mg/day men, 45 mg women

30 min a day.

                                                                                                                                SELENIUM 400 mg/day                                           


Goal for 7-8 hours every night.


When your spine is in normal alignment (in place), you are good to go.  But when it goes out of alignment either from major trauma such as a fall or minor trauma such as the way you sleep, there is wear and tear to that joint.  The force of gravity is distributed differently now on the bones and discs.  Think of a car.  When a car is out of alignment, the tires wear down quicker and abnormally. 

The same thing happens to your spine.  This is the beginning of degeneration or more commonly known as arthritis.  Research shows that just 1 week of misalignment causes the bones and discs to begin degenerating on a microscopic level.  It takes 10-15 years before you can see this on X-ray.  It causes us to move harder, leading to decreased ranges of motion and stiffness.

You may have been told that this arthritis is normal, you are getting old.  Arthritis while common, is NOT due to age.  There are people in their 30’s with arthritis and people in their 60’s with no arthritis.  The degeneration is due to the amount of time your spine is out of alignment.

The best way to slow, stop and possibly reverse this arthritis is to restore the spine to as close to normal as possible.  That is what I do.

If you or someone you know has been told you they have arthritis, creaky joints, stiffness, discomfort or pain, or taking medications for arthritis . . . it is time to get an evaluation to see if I can help.  No drugs, no surgery just RESULTS.  Because you are not supposed to have arthritis.