You are right where you should be

Some people finish college and start their careers at age 22, only to find themselves unhappy and starting over when they are 35. Others start working a minimum wage job at age 16 and work their way up the company ladder, retiring happily at age 50. Some people get married at age 25 only to divorce at age 27. Others marry when they are 50 and spend 40 years with their soulmate. Some women are ridiculed for becoming teen moms but end up living to meet their great, great grandchildren. Other women get pregnant at 40 and are ridiculed for putting their unborn child at risk. There is no “right” way to do life. There are no timelines. You are not late. You are exactly where you should be.          @FindYourShineTherapy


If your brain’s job is primarily to protect you and it becomes less and less aware of its function and internal environment, then it cannot interpret pain or anything clearly as it should.  The “anything” is all your internal cells and organs, your energy, your immunity, your sleeping patterns, your personality, etc. It all boils down to your LIFE.  All are dimmed down in that lack of awareness, not just your pain. 

That system that interprets it all is your nervous system. 

That lowered awareness is when you have a subluxation.  A misalignment of bones in your spine.

We check for and correct those subluxations. 

That’s LIFE chiropractic vs PAIN chiropractic.