What is class 4 Laser Therapy

Dr. Charlie Fagenholz
Western medicine blames everything on genetics, for example they will say “your dad had high blood pressure, that’s why you have it”. Eastern medicine blames things on epigenetics. Genetics is what you inherit and epigenetics is what causes your inherited genes to express themselves or not. Take breast cancer for example. If you have the breast cancer genes, western medicine believes that’s all that matters and you will get breast cancer at some point in your life with no way around it unless you are lucky. Epigenetics says that it is toxicity from the environment that CAN turn on your breast cancer gene at some point in life. Genetics is like the loaded gun, and epigenetics are the factors that have to pull the trigger in order for the gun to fire. Eastern medicine is concerned with what those factors are. What are you eating, drinking, thinking? How are you sleeping and moving?

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