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From a fellow chiropractor Dr. Jessica D’Amore, Snyder, NY

Today we saw a patient who had been a regular, but during Covid lockdown he was out of town and staying with a daughter so she could take care of him.  We had not seen him since March.

He was almost unrecognizable when he came back in.

He was completely hunched over, disheveled, unsteady on his feet and slow moving, slow walking, slow signing in.  This is an 89 year old man who was ballroom and salsa dancing 6 months ago.

It broke my heart to see him struggling and his daughter was worried because he had been like this for some time.  

Well, after the adjustment . . .

                He JOGGED down the hallway, head up, standing tall.  He even did a little dance and made lots  of witty jokes in the reception area. 

This just reminded us all about the power of the adjustment.  He just needed an adjustment!!