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A story about a truck….

A story about a truck . . . 

Most cars these days have back-up cameras.  The beeping sounds at certain distances away from an object to make you aware.  In the beginning, you listen and stop.  And the closer you get, the harder it beeps.  So you can get closer and closer and still not hit anything, even though the car is screaming at you to stop.  One day, while backing up, the truck beeped faster and faster and the driver rammed into the back of another truck.  How is this possible?  It happened because the beeping became “normal” beeping.  The truck was trying to tell him it was not normal or safe, but he kept backing up, even ignoring the screaming until he was slammed into reality.  
Most people’s bodies have been beeping at them for a long time.  If they ignore it too long, they are in a health crisis.  Wouldn’t it be better to listen as soon as your body whispers rather than wait until it is screaming or beeping at you?
Everyone can live without hearing the beeping!
Credit:  Brandi McDonald