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About Us

Devoted to Helping You Regain Your Health

About Dr. Ronit

Dr. Ronit

Ever since I was little I wanted to help people live healthier lives without relying on needless drugs or surgery. Chiropractic school opened my eyes to helping people beyond just neck and low back pain.  Since 1995, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help people achieve their optimum health.  I am empowered by the love and the positive environment we have created in our office to help patients achieve their optimum health. It’s been so rewarding to see all the miracles of health the body creates as long as there is no interference. As a mom, I’ve also seen firsthand the impact of holistic healthcare on the lives of my children.

About Our Practice

Our focus is to correct the underlying reason for a health concern rather than patch up the symptoms temporarily.  We use many techniques including instruments to remove interference of the nervous system.  
All health comes from a properly working nervous system so that’s where we start.  We reconnect your power
so that you can be your best.  Then we complement it with lifestyle recommendations.

What Our Patients Say About Us

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