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About Us

Devoted to Helping You Regain Your Health

About Dr. Ronit

Dr. Ronit

Ever since I was little I wanted to help people live healthier lives without relying on needless drugs or surgery. Chiropractic school opened my eyes to helping people beyond just neck and low back pain.  Since 1995, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help people achieve their optimum health.  I am empowered by the love and the positive environment we have created in our office to help patients achieve their optimum health. It’s been so rewarding to see all the miracles of health the body creates as long as there is no interference. As a mom, I’ve also seen firsthand the impact of holistic healthcare on the lives of my children.

About Our Practice

Our focus is to correct the underlying reason for a health concern rather than patch up the symptoms temporarily.  We use many techniques including instruments to remove interference of the nervous system.  
All health comes from a properly working nervous system so that’s where we start.  We reconnect your power
so that you can be your best.  Then we complement it with lifestyle recommendations.

What Our Patients Say About Us

My health scare began in college. I woke up one day covered in hives. I thought nothing of it. I must have eaten something or touched something. There were times I had to go to the ER because I couldn’t see out of my eye and I felt my throat closing up. They did tests and diagnosed me with Lupus. I was given steroids and sent home. This didn’t help because my hives kept coming. Now the doctors were recommending chemotherapy medications. I decided to look into natural remedies. I started taking all sorts of supplements. I avoided certain foods and cleaned up my diet. I began using only natural products on my face and body. The hives would not go away!! I began care with Dr. Ronit. After 6 months I only saw the slightest improvement and honestly I almost gave up. But Dr. Ronit encouraged me to continue and I am glad I did because it is now over one year I’M HIVE FREE. I know that my healing comes from the inside not the outside. And I know I will maintain my health with Dr. Ronit’s help.
I considered myself a very healthy person. I go to the gym. I eat right and take vitamins. On April 6, I couldn’t stand up straight from a gym injury. Dr. Ronit gave me hope for the first time. Upon leaving the office, I was able to walk upright for the first time since this happened. I was AMAZED and grateful. I have learned so much about health and how the body is truly supposed to work. I am going through this great program of care to get everything aligned but more importantly functioning at 100%. Thank you so much for giving me back my life!
I have been seeing Dr. Ronit for treatment since late March of 2018. I started to see improvements in my health and wellbeing from my very first adjustment. I suffered from hormonal imbalance and extreme anxiety as well as severe cystic acne. Dr. Ronit is so amazing, not only has she helped clear up my skin in under 3 months but she also has given me great techniques to reduce my anxiety. My menstrual cycle is finally back on a month to month basis (after getting it only once a year since I was 16 and I am currently 31). Dr. Ronit has a very calm and encouraging manner and it is always a delight to see her. She is always there inspiring me to achieve self-care and self- love. Dr. Ronit WILL EDUCATE you on everything you need to know about why our bodies need to get adjusted and how much of an impact the spinal cord has on our lives.
I was having severe neck and upper back pain due to severe stenosis. I’ve had this problem for a number of years. I had severe pain in both hands due to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was two days away from surgery. I was unable to sleep or perform my regular duties. My hand pains went from a 20 to a 1. The neck and back pain went away. I’m happy I came to a place where there’s love and an atmosphere like home with family. A few of my co-workers introduced me to Serenity. I’m happy that I no longer take the medications for pain. Gabapentin and Methocarbamol are now my exes.

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