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Devoted to Helping You Regain Your Health

About Dr. Ronit

Dr. Ronit

Ever since I was little I wanted to help people live healthier lives without relying on needless drugs or surgery. Chiropractic school opened my eyes to helping people beyond just neck and low back pain.  Since 1995, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to help people achieve their optimum health.  I am empowered by the love and the positive environment we have created in our office to help patients achieve their optimum health. It’s been so rewarding to see all the miracles of health the body creates as long as there is no interference. As a mom, I’ve also seen firsthand the impact of holistic healthcare on the lives of my children.

About Our Practice

Our focus is to correct the underlying reason for a health concern rather than patch up the symptoms temporarily.  We use many techniques including instruments to remove interference of the nervous system.  
All health comes from a properly working nervous system so that’s where we start.  We reconnect your power
so that you can be your best.  Then we complement it with lifestyle recommendations.

What Our Patients Say About Us

My 2 year old daughter has been seeing Dr. Ronit for several months and we love her! Dr. Ronit is a very caring and helpful provider. My daughter always talks about Dr. Ronit and how much she loves her. My daughter used to have some pain in her neck and is much better now!
Wonderful experience with Serenity Holistic. Dr. Ronit is amazing! It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such a personal touch and care for her patients. She is knowledgeable and kind, and she listens to her patient’s concerns. She took the time to go over the diagnosis and treatment options clearly. Her staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Serenity Holistic Chiropractic!
I came here with my mom, we both suffer from back pain and our first time going to a Chiropractor. Dr.R I am so thankful for you, you have helped me but most importantly my mom who has suffered so much from her back. Dr. R is genuinely caring, has recommended natural ways to help us with inflammation and pain. She has even adjusted my children. We have a long way to go but this has been the best decision we have made.
Jenn M
I don't even know where to begin! Dr.Ronit is knowledgeable and amazing at what she does. She is kind, caring, and compassionate. She cares about your overall health, and will help you stay on track. When I first started seeing her I was suffering with anxiety, panic attacks, and headaches. After just a few weeks I have already started to feel better and see a difference. I love going to my visits because she is so positive and uplifting. If you're having a bad day she will always remind you that things are going to get better. I am so glad I found Dr. Ronit. I can't forget Jen and Ashley who are the receptionists. They are always so sweet and such a pleasure to speak to when I call. Thank you for such a wonderful experience to the team at Serenity Holistic Chiropractic!
Great results so far. In the beginning I felt minor changes, which slowly led to huge differences in my recovery. I have been going for about 6 weeks now, I’m a D1 soccer player and was experiencing tightness in my hips, hamstrings, and pain in my lower back which sometimes led to injuries. Now I rarely feel any problems in those areas, and recover much faster as well. Happy with the results so far, I highly recommend for any athletes out there going through similar issues.
I called in as a new patient urgently. I am 8 months pregnant going on 9 and I was suffering from butt and lower back pain all the way down my left side and it was so bad. I was getting muscle spasms all night and crying, couldn’t get any rest or function like a human. I was asked to come in right away and everyone was very accommodating and friendly. I felt better after the first session and just went in for my second. My baby is moving and healthy and I am sleeping much better it’s done great for my mental health in these last few weeks of pregnancy. So, if you’re pregnant and looking for relief I think you’ll feel safe giving this a try. Thank you to the clinic and everyone for their help.
I began six weeks ago due to severe spasms of my right lower back at a 9 out of 10 pain scale. Now my back pain is down to a 2 and most of my sciatica is gone. Ronit is very caring and responsive to her clients needs. She even gave me equipment to use at home to help with both my lower spine and my neck. I am very pleased with the service I get and the relief of severe back pain now mild.

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