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Arc Of Life

There is one missing link in all of health care. There is one missing piece of the puzzle that almost every doctor on the planet leaves out when evaluating their patients. There is a major reason why people can see doctors for years and still remain sick, diseased, and loaded to the gills with medications. There is one answer to all of mankind’s suffering that is continually overlooked by all conventional, medical approaches. Drugs and surgery will never be the answer to you achieving optimal health and well-being. Medicine never finds the cause, it just suppresses the symptom.

Wouldn’t you want to find out what the MISSING LINK is?

Here are some research articles:

“Loss of cervical (neck) curve/ THE ARC OF LIFE stretches the spinal cord 5 to 7 cm and produces pathological tension, putting the body in a state of disease.” – Alfred Breig, MD

The loss of cervical lordosis reduces the patients lung capacity by up to 30% (Davis, 1996; Korr, 1975; Bernini, Wiesel and Rothman,1982)

Decreased blood flow from abnormal posture is a major factor in ALL DISEASE, including cancer. Reich (MD) 1974

Decreased curves & spinal position affect heart, lungs & digestive system Calliet (MD): Winsor (MD)

212 Autopsies= 100% disease in spine to disease in organs Faulty posture (LOSS OF CURVE IN NECK) causes WEAK immune system, organ disease, muscle tension, and increased sensitivity to pain. Korr

1979: Posture deviation/LOSS OF CERVICAL CURVES can cause intestinal diverticulitis, osteoporosis, hip/foot deformities, overall poor health & quality of life, shortened life span. Freeman