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Are you addicted to negative thoughts and behaviors?

Are you the type of person that feeds off drama? You love to hear or talk about others people’s problems. Can you get through a day without gossiping about someone else?  Then you might not even realize that your body craves it. 

In the book Evolve your Brain, Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about how if we aren’t faced with any kind of external threat or stressors, we will seek one out. If we can’t find one we will create one – physically or mentally. Do you get that, we create scenarios just to feed out addiction of unhappiness. 

It can go both ways. You can use this to your advantage. You can reprogram your brain to focus on more positive and productive thoughts. YES, the brain can be re-programmed. You can change your old habits with new ones. Just the same with your thoughts. The brain is both neurologically hardwired to, and chemically dependent on our emotions. So our body depends on our emotions to feed the brain. We can make a decision to change the thoughts and emotions which will start to feed the brain a new chemical. The brain will grow new neurons and the old ones will disappear. Just like that! 

So are you going to feed your addiction or change what you think about?