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From the book FEEL BETTER IN 5 by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Spend just 5 minutes undoing the damage of sitting down all day.  This will help with back pain, neck pain, shoulder discomfort, and stiffness.  Do these exercises in sequence and then repeat.

Wall Cogs:

Stand with your back to the wall making sure your head, shoulders and buttocks are touching the wall and your feet are 2-3 inches away from it.  Your arms should be hanging down naturally with your palms facing in. Always keep your head, shoulders and buttocks touching the wall for the duration of the exercise.  Slide the back of your head up the wall as your ribcage lifts and your chest expands.  Twist your hands outward so your palms face out and your thumbs point behind you.  Now do the reverse – sliding your head down the wall and turn your hands and arms inwards like a corkscrew.  Repeat 10X.


Frontal Cogs:

Stand tall and straight.  Bend R knee while both feet are on the floor.  Your left hip will move up.  Reach your R arm up high to the ceiling.  Now do reverse bending left knee, and left arm.  Repeat 10X.





Arm Spirals:

Stand with both arms hanging by your sides.  Your thumbs should be pointing in front of you.  Turn your thumbs in as far as they will go so that they are pointing to the wall behind you like a corkscrew and your shoulders will round.  Now turn both your hands out as far as they will go so your thumb will be pointing at the wall. Your shoulder blades will be squeezed together.  Repeat 10X.  

The Crucifix:

Stand with your arms in a “T” position. Turn your L arm inwards until your thumb is pointing behind you.  At the same time turn your R arm outwards so your thumb is pointing behind you.  Then do the opposite with each arm.  Repeat 10X.



Did you know that your nervous system’s primary goal is to SURVIVE.  So, when it interprets “danger” all the time, it will always be sacrificial (not good).  It will take calcium from bones, it will send blood to your arms or legs to fight or run, and away from the organs, it will steal energy from your immune system (that’s why you get sick when you are stressed), it effects fertility, digestion, it will create a hyper vigilant state that keeps us awake all night to protect us, and the list goes on and on.  These things are all in an effort to keep us alive and safe.  It is brilliant in its protection.  Long term, it’s killing us. 

The question is how we deal with our stress.

In essence, the chiropractic adjustment helps your nervous system to no longer view danger every minute, so it slows the parts and systems of the body that are on overdrive, and it moves the person into a state of more order, better awareness of its whole being and allows the human an opportunity to THRIVE. That’s powerful!!


                                                                        More great insight from Brandi McDonald


Think thoughts of perfection.

Illness cannot exist in a body that has harmonious thoughts.

Know there is only perfection, and as you observe perfection you must summon that to you.

Imperfect thoughts are the cause of all humanity’s ills, including disease, poverty, and unhappiness.

When we think negative thoughts we are cutting ourselves off from our rightful heritage.

Declare and intend, “I think perfect thoughts. I see only perfection. I am perfection.

                                                                                      The Secret

A story about a truck….

A story about a truck . . . 

Most cars these days have back-up cameras.  The beeping sounds at certain distances away from an object to make you aware.  In the beginning, you listen and stop.  And the closer you get, the harder it beeps.  So you can get closer and closer and still not hit anything, even though the car is screaming at you to stop.  One day, while backing up, the truck beeped faster and faster and the driver rammed into the back of another truck.  How is this possible?  It happened because the beeping became “normal” beeping.  The truck was trying to tell him it was not normal or safe, but he kept backing up, even ignoring the screaming until he was slammed into reality.  
Most people’s bodies have been beeping at them for a long time.  If they ignore it too long, they are in a health crisis.  Wouldn’t it be better to listen as soon as your body whispers rather than wait until it is screaming or beeping at you?
Everyone can live without hearing the beeping!
Credit:  Brandi McDonald


Virus Protection Checklist

Free Virus Protection                                                        Worth the Investment


ELIMINATE FEAR                                                                 EAT REAL FOOD

It is good to be informed but don’t be consumed.                              More fruits and veggies. When

                                                                                                                                   selecting meat – organic, grass fed,

DON’T SMOKE                                                                                           hormone/antibiotic free, free-range,

Smoking will compromise the balance of your                                       wild-caught.   

Immune system and increases risk of autoimmune disorders.


DON’T EAT THE SAD                                                         This is nature’s first food.  Babies need  

Stay away from highly processed and refined foods. They            this to build an immune system, so we

contain toxic carcinogens.                                                                            can also benefit. 2-3 tsps 2x/day empty


SPEAK LIFE                                                                           VITAMIN C  3-5,000 mg/day

Speak calming and peaceful words, meditate, breathe.            

                                                                                                                                VITAMIN D 5,000 IU/day


Exercise at least 30 min a day.  Be outside in the sun                  ZINC 60 mg/day men, 45 mg women

30 min a day.

                                                                                                                                SELENIUM 400 mg/day                                           


Goal for 7-8 hours every night.


When your spine is in normal alignment (in place), you are good to go.  But when it goes out of alignment either from major trauma such as a fall or minor trauma such as the way you sleep, there is wear and tear to that joint.  The force of gravity is distributed differently now on the bones and discs.  Think of a car.  When a car is out of alignment, the tires wear down quicker and abnormally. 

The same thing happens to your spine.  This is the beginning of degeneration or more commonly known as arthritis.  Research shows that just 1 week of misalignment causes the bones and discs to begin degenerating on a microscopic level.  It takes 10-15 years before you can see this on X-ray.  It causes us to move harder, leading to decreased ranges of motion and stiffness.

You may have been told that this arthritis is normal, you are getting old.  Arthritis while common, is NOT due to age.  There are people in their 30’s with arthritis and people in their 60’s with no arthritis.  The degeneration is due to the amount of time your spine is out of alignment.

The best way to slow, stop and possibly reverse this arthritis is to restore the spine to as close to normal as possible.  That is what I do.

If you or someone you know has been told you they have arthritis, creaky joints, stiffness, discomfort or pain, or taking medications for arthritis . . . it is time to get an evaluation to see if I can help.  No drugs, no surgery just RESULTS.  Because you are not supposed to have arthritis.

Things I stopped doing to gain peace in my life:

Things I stopped doing to gain peace in my life:

Argue with people

Wasting energy on one-sided relationships

Overcommitting my time when I didn’t have the energy

Accepting & excusing toxic behavior because that was more comfortable than change

Allowing dysfunctional family members to steal my joy

Trying to fix people as an “act of love”

Discarding my boundaries to fit (uncomfortably) in other people’s lives.

Holding on to limiting beliefs about my life, self-worth, and potential

Pretending to be happy when I was hurting

Silencing my voice & not naming my needs

Overthinking about my past & things I cannot change

Holding onto people I’ve outgrown because of the “time invested”

Going along to get along

Overlooking my blessings & comparing my life to someone else’s

Abandoning myself, my truth, and my integrity to “fit in”

Waiting for external validation to boost my confidence

Trying to change people who were committed to staying the same.

                                                                                                          Alex Elle

Disease – Dis –ease

Disease – Dis –ease

Disease is held in the body by thought, by observation of the illness, and by the attention given to the illness.  If you are feeling a little unwell, don’t talk about it – unless you want more of it.  If you listen to people talk about their illness, you add energy to their illness.  Instead, change the conversation to good things, and give powerful thoughts to seeing those people in health.

  • From the book The Secret


This is how disease relates to your spine. 

In order for your body to be 100% healthy, 100% we are going to need all the body parts working at 100% right? Ifthe spine is out of position, there is a disconnect.  It blocks the way the intelligence runs through the wires.  Imagine a SHORT CIRCUIT.  The name for that is a subluxation.  That is what I check  for in the spine, the disconnects.  If we have a disconnect between the brain and the body well then what’s going to happen to that part of the body?  In other words, if the nerve to your lung is blocked what’s going to happen to the lung? Is it going to function? No it is going to begin to dysfunction.  The opposite.  If the dysfunction is there for long enough the lung is no longer in a state of ease or health.  It the opposite. DIS-EASE.  Lung disease can be called asthma or bronchitis but what it really is the result of the lungs dysfunctioning.  Heart disease which can be called heart attack, artherosclerosis, arterial sclerosis is the result of the heart dysfunctioning.  Joint disease known as arthritis is a result of the joints dysfunctioning.  Every single disease is the name of where the problem is but it is not why the problem is.  See how that works? 

Is your life health built on shifting sand and weak foundations

Some homes that are old, look it.  They are about to fall apart in front of us and need to be fenced off for safety. Others, like the Biltmore Estate, which is 125 years old, looks fantastic! Over a million people per year visit the Biltmore to marvel at its architecture and historical impact. My question for you is: Your spine is your home.  How’s your spine?  What kind of home are you building with your LIFE & HEALTH? How do you know?

Is your LIFE and HEALTH built on shifting sand and weak foundations, or is your life anchored on a firm foundation of bedrock? Because the winds will blow and the waters will rise as the storms come. Will you stand the test of time?                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                Trond Seland DC

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