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This baby had probably the most severe torticollis we have seen- and cannot lift her head on her tummy at 2.5 months.

Torticollis is a condition that makes it difficult or painful to move or rotate the neck, and while it’s seen in people of all ages, it tends to be more common in infants. It can occur from crowding within the uterus during the pregnancy or forceful delivery

She still couldn’t lift her head post adjustment. Nor did her head move to neutral. But- there was change. As there ALWAYS is post ONE adjustment when our nervous system regulates differently.

This baby’s life is changed because a mom intuitively knew this was “abnormal” to have a head twisted- and even if baby can suck-poop-sleep- and have an amazing temperament (which this gorgeous thing does) it’s still not okay.

Chiropractic is the answer.                   

Thanks to Brandi McDonald for sharing this.