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I am referring to a challenge like the ice bucket challenge also known as the ALS challenge.  This challenge involved dumping a bucket of ice water over a person’s head to promote awareness of the disease.  It went viral on social media. 

There are many types of challenges out there . . . we will only talk about the healthy ones such as no technology challenge, 21 day meditation challenge or abs and gluts challenge.  Some challenges are physical; while others are intellectual, spiritual, or relational. 

One of the definitions of challenge is to invite to do something that one thinks will be difficult or impossible; test the abilities of.  Is that why people are drawn to challenges?  Do we do challenges to battle issues that become excuses such as time or boredom? 

I think challenges are important for personal growth.  I read somewhere that challenges should be considered personal training for the soul.  When we stretch the limits of our physical or mental capacity, we are motivated.  It also gives us accountability.  Challenge shapes us. 

Furthermore, a challenge develops mental toughness.  You either rise to meet the demands of a challenge or you succumb to them.  And because victory starts in the mind, all challenges are won or lost between your ears.  And by saying you are going to do a challenge, you put fear aside.

Challenges manifest character, initiative, self-control, focus and responsible behavior.  By rising to meet and complete a challenge, you provide proof to yourself that you have what it takes.  So you may want to start with a small challenge of only 7 days and then move into bigger ones with time and success.  You can do anything you put your mind to. 

What challenge will you do?