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Desk Workout

From the book FEEL BETTER IN 5 by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Spend just 5 minutes undoing the damage of sitting down all day.  This will help with back pain, neck pain, shoulder discomfort, and stiffness.  Do these exercises in sequence and then repeat.

Wall Cogs:

Stand with your back to the wall making sure your head, shoulders and buttocks are touching the wall and your feet are 2-3 inches away from it.  Your arms should be hanging down naturally with your palms facing in. Always keep your head, shoulders and buttocks touching the wall for the duration of the exercise.  Slide the back of your head up the wall as your ribcage lifts and your chest expands.  Twist your hands outward so your palms face out and your thumbs point behind you.  Now do the reverse – sliding your head down the wall and turn your hands and arms inwards like a corkscrew.  Repeat 10X.


Frontal Cogs:

Stand tall and straight.  Bend R knee while both feet are on the floor.  Your left hip will move up.  Reach your R arm up high to the ceiling.  Now do reverse bending left knee, and left arm.  Repeat 10X.





Arm Spirals:

Stand with both arms hanging by your sides.  Your thumbs should be pointing in front of you.  Turn your thumbs in as far as they will go so that they are pointing to the wall behind you like a corkscrew and your shoulders will round.  Now turn both your hands out as far as they will go so your thumb will be pointing at the wall. Your shoulder blades will be squeezed together.  Repeat 10X.  

The Crucifix:

Stand with your arms in a “T” position. Turn your L arm inwards until your thumb is pointing behind you.  At the same time turn your R arm outwards so your thumb is pointing behind you.  Then do the opposite with each arm.  Repeat 10X.