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Eastern vs Western Medicine by Dr. Charles Fagenholz

You can incorporate both eastern and western medicine.  The best way to do that would be to know some of the differences between them.  Think of Western medicine when you need life saving surgery or medicine in emergency cases.  Many over utilize this and label it as healthcare.  This often leads people into a chronic diseased stage.  Disease management does not build your health.  A healthy state has to be built through lifestyle choices and proactively working on yourself and your body.  Eastern medicine is proactive whereas western medicine is reactive.  Remember if you are asymptomatic, you are not necessarily healthy.  A dead corpse is asymptomatic.

This concept that having no symptoms equals health blindly leads our population into chronic diseased states over time because your doctor tells you they can’t find anything wrong with you and you are perfectly healthy.  They can’t find anything because you are not in a diagnosable diseased state . . .

So many people live their lives thinking they don’t have to do anything to build their health.  It is so important to be educated on the foods to eat, what exercises to do and how to deal with stresses of life and our toxic environment.

If you are not living a proactive healthcare lifestyle, then you are living in a reactive disease care lifestyle.  The only thing better than curing a disease with western reactive medicine is never having the disease in the first place.  Commercials on TV, for things like breast cancer, say “detection is prevention” . . . which is a ridiculous slogan.  PREVENTION IS PREVENTION AND DETECTION MEANS YOU ALREADY HAVE IT AND IT HAS BEEN THERE FOR QUITE SOME TIME . . . Does it sound better to build your health or wait for a disease and then treat it?

Since eastern medicine is proactive, it requires you to get treatments proactively for example getting adjusted weekly.  If you are not, you are not functioning at your optimum.  So yes, you have heard people say once you go to the chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life.  Well yeah just like you don’t just go to the dentist for a teeth cleaning once in your life and then you are set.  Why would one adjustment last you a lifetime?  Think of all the things you do in a day or week involving your spine and nervous system.