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Five pharmaceutical medicines that instantly make your health WORSE

Five pharmaceutical medicines that instantly make your health WORSE

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 by: S.D. Wells


Can you guess how many Americans take prescription drugs? A new report published by the CDC shows nearly half of all Americans are taking chemical medicine for their ailments. That means over 150 million Americans have experimental, unproven chemical drugs swimming in their bloodstream right now, adding to the health chaos that comes mainly from consuming chemicals. What’s even more shocking is that the statistic is up almost ten percent from the early 1990s. Most people have no clue that prescription medications are actually bad for their short-term and long-term health. People tend to ignore the list of horrible side effects because they are more interested in immediate relief of whatever ails them.

#1. Flu Shot (influenza vaccine) – Most flu shots contain shocking amounts of mercury (listed as thimerosal), aluminum and formaldehyde. Injecting mercury into muscle tissue sends shockwaves through the body and causes a dangerous, immediate hyper-immune response from the central nervous system.

#2. Blood thinners -Though blood thinners are often heralded as “life-saving medications,” the new generation of “anti-coagulants” can cause someone to bleed out from just a slight bump on a cabinet.  Plus, blood thinners deplete critical nutrients from the body daily. Medical doctors in the US are not allowed to prescribe or even talk about resveratrol but it is a natural remedy for blood clots.

#3. Chemotherapy – Most Americans have no clue that chemo only yields a 2.3 percent success rate, while failing to beat cancer 97.7 percent of the time, on average. Chemotherapy immediately turns the blood acidic, inviting more cancer cells to form and multiply out of control, even if it kills the current ones. Chemo destroys good gut bacteria and decreases your immune system.

#4.  Benzodiazepines (anxiety medications) -“Benzos” slow down the central nervous system, giving you the false impression that you are relaxed both physically and mentally. All benzodiazepines are physically addictive too. Popular benzodiazepines include Xanax, Klonopin, Valium and Ativan.

#5. Seizure Medications -These drugs can cause damage to the liver very quickly. Sometimes the effects of liver damage will not show up until weeks or months later. CBD oil is known to cut epileptic seizures in half.