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Health Tips

We Are Here to Help You Regain Your Health


You are made up of atoms.  Everything in this world, animate and inanimate things, are made up of atoms.  There is a net charge of positive, negative, or neutral. 

When your body’s overall charge is off, chemical reactions happen that shouldn’t and reactions fail that should.  There is a growing body of evidence that shows a disruption of the body’s charge is a health concern. 

Normal day to day activities builds up a positive charge in the body.  People used to spend a lot of time in contact with the earth either walking or sleeping on the ground which would get the body back to neutral.  Wearing shoes and walking around in buildings prevents us from discharging the charge we have built up into the ground.

The best way to ground yourself is to go outside in the dirt, grass, or sand barefoot.  You can also increase your skin-to-earth contact by lying on the ground. 

So why bother to do this?

                Regulating cortisol which is your body’s main stress hormone.  You will recover from stress more


                Neutralizes free radicals which are molecules that damage cells in our body leading to things like


                Reduces inflammation.

                Improves sleep.

                Reduces some risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

                Reduces pain.