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Health Tips

We Are Here to Help You Regain Your Health



Our habits either create our health and longevity or destroy it. Your habits will determine how long and how well you live so you ought to pay attention to what habits you have formed, good and bad.

The thing about habits is that we don’t really pay them much attention once they are formed. We “set it and forget it” until our habits slowly create a crisis with our health or our life, whether it’s smoking, drinking, eating sugar, drugs, sex, your phone, caffeine, gambling. Netflix, and the list goes on and on.

I see patients every day that are in big trouble because of the habits they have created.

The good thing is that we can change our habits and change our health along with it. You just have to insert a good habit where the bad habit used to live.

I believe changing your health and your habits requires 3 things.

  1. Great attitude
  2. Great Game Plan
  3. Great Coach

I love what I do as a Chiropractor because I get to help change people’s habits and improve their lives.

God designed each one of us to go out into the world and serve for a greater good. When we shine bright because we are healthy, we can go out and share our light.


                                                                                                                                                Dr. Dane Donohue