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How Does The Body Know How To Heal Itself – How’s Your Atlas?


                                Dr. Steve Judson/From his book Wake Up Humans


The first thing to develop in our bodies is the brain stem. If you put your finger right up under your ear and push your thumb you will feel a hard space.  That is your atlas, the first bone of your neck and that’s where your brain stem sits.  Your brain stem connects your spinal cord to your brain.  From there comes branches of nerves like a subway system that goes to your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, eyebrows, fingers, toes.  How did this body know how to build this thing?  5 toes not 6 on each foot, 2 kidneys not 3.  That intelligence that made you is still inside you and working.  We have to trust this system. 

The atlas is a ring and between it is your brain stem which effects every function of your body.  Your head sits on top of it that’s why it is called atlas.  It moves three dimensionally.  It does not lock so it has free space.  Your cerebrospinal fluid pumps through it to nourish your brain.  If that space is clear, free flowing and free of blockage, then life is better because communication is better.  Your body is doing what it is designed to do.  Obviously the question then is if that atlas is not where it is supposed to be and it is creating a blockage of nerve flow, cerebrospinal flow, LIFE flow what is happening to your body?  If the brainstem is responsible for every glandular function of your body and the intelligence of  communication that is making you adapt and function on a physical, chemical and emotional level and if that system is not connected properly what is the expression of that organism?  When you hear how’s your atlas?  It means is that atlas clear?  That’s what we check with the thermal scan in the office. 

Research has found that in the upper cervical area where the atlas is there is this thing called mental impulse, the greatest intelligence within the nervous system that makes it function. 

Imagine this . . . one day you are at the supermarket and the checkout person is just not looking good, maybe pale and sad.  And when you say how are you doing?  She says, not good, just not a good day.  And you ask HOW IS YOUR ATLAS?  And you explain the importance of the atlas and you recommend that person to a holistic principled chiropractor, like me. 

I have seen it in my office.  Life restored to people that were told they will have to live with this or that or that there is nothing that can done.  Or worse, you need all these drugs to function.  We just correct that first bone.  Whether it is a newborn child having seizures or a 90 year old individual that is constipated or having memory loss.  Flow and connection is being put back into play.  When we connect people like this, we are saving lives.  AND more people need to understand this. 

The body is an amazing thing.  It is so intellectually put together, at, such a high level; we don’t even know everything it does.  If you are clear, how much more could you achieve?  People who are clear can work out more, eat better, sleep better, make love better, they smile more, they are happier!