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Incredible story of what a chiropractic adjustment can do!

Five months ago 9 year old Brooklyn was accidentally hit in the head by a basketball.  She immediately experienced severe pain and light sensitivity.  A handful of ophthalmologists and neuro ophthalmologists could not find any tissue damage or pathology.  Within two weeks she was blind in both eyes.  More trips to various clinics and hospitals ensued.  MRIs of her eyes and of her brain were inconclusive. 

Finally after more than four months, unable to see and with stabbing pain in both eyes, Brooklyn began daily care in a chiropractor’s office.

In the middle of her treatment Brooklyn looked up at her mother and said: “MOMMY, I CAN SEE YOU!”

The nerves in the neck go to the eyes.  The basketball hitting the young girl caused misalignment which then effected the function of the nerves to the eyes.

Never underestimate the power of an adjustment!!