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What happens when you put a rubber band around your finger?

Try typing like that for a few minutes. How does it feel? How does it function?

What if I leave that there for an hour? For a day? For a month?

What will eventually happen to your finger?

How about we medicate the finger? Injections with steroids? Do physical therapy to the finger? But leave the restriction still there.


Will it heal? How will the life force to the finger be? Can’t you just exercise it back to health?

The answer is…No.


There is only one solution for the  finger. Remove the interference at the source. Remove the restriction. And then what happens?

Instantly the life begins to flow again!

Instantly the blood begins to flow again!

Instantly the feeling begins to come back again!

Instantly the finger begins to function normally again!

And boy, does the finger feel better. And your life becomes, better!


What’s the point of this little story?


A shifted & subluxated Atlas (first bone in the neck) does the same thing to your brain stem. Yet no MD will check your Atlas for misalignment. And your life will never be at its best, when there is interference at the brainstem.

Your Atlas. Get it checked for interference. That’s all.