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Is Exercise Enough?

Often when I exercise, I hear the instructors say that exercise alone will not get you to lose weight. You have to also be mindful of what you put into your bodies too. This made me think about a question I often get from patients . . . Can’t I just exercise to keep my spine aligned and feeling well?

The answer is NO! A spinal adjustment is meant to produce improved movement in your body just like exercise can. It also helps tight muscles relax through quickly stretching the muscles. The adjustment hits a reset button on your tight muscles. Once the muscles have relaxed, your muscles send a signal to your spinal cord and the brain. Therefore, they get re-adapted to the proper position of the joint. However, a spinal adjustment does more than just allow your muscles and ligaments to be more relaxed. The most important thing a spinal adjustment does is to take pressure off your nerves so that your body can work right. There are no exercises that do that.

Someone can exercise daily and still have underlying pressure on their nervous system. 90% of the time there is no pain associated with this but it can be the beginning of the disease process in the body. Dr. Henry Windsor dissected human and animal cadavers to see if there was a relationship between any diseased internal organs and the vertebrae and nerves that went to the organs. He found 100% correlation between the spine and disease of internal organs.

Keep exercising but make sure your spine is aligned properly and your nerves have no pressure on them.