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Is your life health built on shifting sand and weak foundations

Some homes that are old, look it.  They are about to fall apart in front of us and need to be fenced off for safety. Others, like the Biltmore Estate, which is 125 years old, looks fantastic! Over a million people per year visit the Biltmore to marvel at its architecture and historical impact. My question for you is: Your spine is your home.  How’s your spine?  What kind of home are you building with your LIFE & HEALTH? How do you know?

Is your LIFE and HEALTH built on shifting sand and weak foundations, or is your life anchored on a firm foundation of bedrock? Because the winds will blow and the waters will rise as the storms come. Will you stand the test of time?                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                Trond Seland DC