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Imagine your spine like a built Jenga tower.  But imagine the tower has a brain attached to it at the top.  Now, I am going to start pulling blocks out.  Does the tower collapse right away?  Probably not.  But each time I pull a block out, what does the brain running the Jenga tower have to do?  Adapt or change to it.  Every time I pull another block out what happens?  The tower gets weaker.  So just because I pull a block out, doesn’t mean that’s the block that’s going to collapse the tower, but I know it weakens it and I know the structure has to compensate.  Do you suppose the brain is happy or distressed each time a block gets pulled out?  Right, distressed!! Then imagine your spine is the Jenga tower and those pulled out blocks are subluxations (misalignments).  The pulled out blocks are the access to the brain and by correcting the subluxations we rebuild that weakened structure and improve your overall global health.  The Jenga tower is just blocks of wood but your spine is not just nerves, bones, and muscles.  It houses who you are and has tremendous effects on your health.

                                                                                                Thanks Brandi McDonald