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Just before the Departure

Just before the departure!

Before dying at age 40 from stomach cancer, would renowned designer an author “Crisda Rodrigues” wrote:

I had the world’s most expensive car in my garage, but now I have to move in a wheelchair.

My house sells all kinds of branded clothes, shoes and valuables, but now my body is wrapped in small cloth provided by the hospital.

I have a lot of money in the bank. But now I’m benefiting nothing from this amount.

My house was like a castle but now I’m sleeping in two beds in the hospital.

From five star hotel to five star hotel. But right now I spend time the hospital moving from on lab to another

I’ve given hundreds of people’s signatures but this time medical records are my signature.

I’ve had seven barbers to do my hair, but now- I don’t have one hair on my head.

On a private jet, can fly anywhere, but now I need two assists to walk to the hospital gate.

Although there are many foods, now my diet is two tablets a day and a few drops of salt water in the evening.

This house, this car, this plane, this furniture, this bank, too many reputation and fame, none of them fit me. None of this will relax me. “There is nothing real except death.”

At the end of the day the most important thing is health.

Please give me happiness for me for my family for everyone in the world.  <3