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One Hundred Twenty!

No, we are not referencing the height of regulation hoop in the NBA.
No, we are not referencing the medical telephone number in China.
No, we are not referencing the medium format film developed by Kodak.

120 is the number of repetitions needed to correct and maintain a normal cervical curve. What is the normal curve? The normal cervical curve should measure 42 degrees. The reason that is so important is because structure determines function so if the curve is off so too will be the function of the nervous system that travels through the cervical curve. It is along this highway that the brain and body communicate starting in the cervical area (the neck) all the way down to the sacrum. The seven vertebral bones that make up the cervical spine form a wide “C” shaped curvature, with the curve going toward the front of the neck. Several factors can lead to a loss of this curve resulting in a straightened neck, or even a reversed curve such as trauma. The first trauma usually starts with birth. Then there are countless other micro and macro-traumas that can play a role.

When the curve is not right, the muscles and ligaments attached to the bones become stretched, pulled, and under stress. In addition, the weight of our head, 12-15 pounds, is meant to be carried towards the back of the bones of the neck. However, with a loss of curve, the weight is borne improperly in the front causing the neck to degenerate. Both result in symptoms from headaches to insomnia to sinus problems to name a few.

The good news is that cervical curves can be corrected. BUT few doctors know what to do. We take X-rays and measurements to determine what your curve is like and then we have a system of correcting it which includes adjustments and curve correction exercises.
Do you know what your curve looks like or what it measures? If you do, great then did you do your 120 repetitions today? If you don’t, then you need to find out.

120 is ALSO the number of quality years you should live. But you need your curve right so that your nervous system is functioning at 100%!