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Pinched nerve

This is an enlarged cross-section picture of the spinal cord demonstrating what occurs when discs bulge or herniate due to spinal misalignments.  Exiting from the spinal cord on both sides are the spinal nerve roots.  When the nerve roots become compressed, they have difficulty transmitting nerve signals or LIFE FLOW to and from the brain to all the cells, tissues, and organs of the body. 

Studies have shown that the pressure of a dime is enough to produce a significant block in nerve transmission.  Place a dime in your hand . . . feel its weight?  Our nerves are delicate fibers that with a slight amount of pressure placed on them can lose up to 60% of their functional ability.

If the weight of a dime is so minute, what happens to your nerves when your spine is out of alignment?  Who do you know who needs their spine checked?