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Rotten Bananas

Living growing fruit is supplied its life-sustaining nutrients from the soil and the tree is the transport system for those nutrients.  Logic tells us that when fruit is cut from the tree it begins to die.  Similar to a rotting piece of fruit, any organ or body part that is disconnected from its life source begins to break down. 


In the human body, the central nervous system is the tree that supports all the growing fruit (cells, tissues, organs).  Just like a rotting banana, an organ or tissue is “cut from the tree” by losing its nerve supply it immediately begins to decay.  90% of the time without pain!


A heart would be useless if it weren’t linked up to the brain through the nervous system.  We wouldn’t be able to digest food if our stomach lacked a nerve supply. Muscles will weaken in the absence of nerve energy too.


Fortunately, our nerves are rarely severed like a bunch of bananas BUT instead are pinched or choked by misalignment of spinal bones.  


Subluxations, or misalignments of the vertebrae, rob your body of essential nerve supply by squeezing off the spinal nerve root, eventually resulting in tissue damage and dysfunction.  


THE GOOD NEWS: Even chronic subluxations can be corrected given enough time and consistent treatment.  When the correction is made, new life can begin to flow into damaged tissue.  Newer healthier cells can be made.  


So whether we are talking about the human body or bananas, remember that for any living entity to reach its maximum potential, it must constantly be supplied by power, by its source of life.


The greatest benefit to a spinal adjustment, far beyond pain relief or improvement of function, is that it links the brain back up with the cells, tissues, or organs of the body allowing these structures to derive the maximum benefit from the life source within.