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Regain Your Health To Live Your Best Life

Common Conditions We Manage

We see patients for a variety of symptoms.  Our goal is to get to the underlying cause so we can provide relief naturally without drugs or surgery and make permanent corrections to prevent re-occurrence or future problems.  Some conditions our patients have had:

Regain Your Health
To Live Your Best Life

Are you limited in doing something?  What if we could help you be able to do certain things easier or better naturally without the use of drugs? You should be able to do anything because your potential is unlimited.  Dr. Ronit wants to help you improve your function and overall health. 

Spinal Adjustments

Your spinal bones protect your spinal cord and nerves.  As we go through life whether it be macro-trauma (due to a car accident, fall or sports injury) or micro-trauma (how we sit, sleep, bend, lift), those bones shift out of place irritating the nerves which impedes the communication between the brain and body resulting in stress on the body. 

By aligning the spinal bones, we remove the nervous system interference allowing the innate intelligence that is inherent within us to flow freely through the nervous system, relieving symptoms but more importantly giving energy and life to every muscle, tissue, cell, gland, and vital organ allowing the body to function to its full potential and heal the way it was designed to.  This is why you will hear Dr. Ronit say YOUR POWER IS ON! Our goal is to help you rebuild your health naturally, prevent sickness, and live a life of health, abundance, and unlimited potential.

That’s why chiropractic care is so much more than just the treatment of pain. Chiropractic care goes back to cave men times but became recognized in 1895 when a gentleman named Harvey Lillard was adjusted and had his hearing restored.  Today, people are still learning what chiropractic really is and all its benefits. 

Curve Correction

Structure always effects function. Scientific studies have shown that a loss in the curve of your neck
is a major causative factor in all disease.

A normal healthy posture when viewed from the side should reveal a position where the ear is balanced over the shoulder and the neck maintains a forward curved position. The normal neck curve is commonly reduced or altered due to trauma or poor postural habits. When the normal curve is compromised, it can result in decreased range of motion, neurological problems, earlier degeneration, and pain, but it can also lead to significant health consequences. A loss of a cervical curve can exist without any symptoms. That’s why it is so important to get this checked.

To return the neck curve toward a normal healthy position, we use Penning’s motion analysis and specific measurements to tell us about your health and wellbeing. We can determine whether there is proper motion at each level of your neck as you move your head forward or backward. Lack of proper movement indicates pressure on the nervous system. Another way we monitor the pressure on your brainstem and spinal cord is by precise measurements of the angle of the first vertebrae called C1 as well as the cervical curve. If the angle of the first bone is less than 31 degrees, the function of the brainstem will be severely compromised. The normal neck curve should be 42 degrees. If the curve measures less than 42 degrees, there is stretching and compression of the spinal cord
which can lead to many health problems.

Once we determine your numbers then we can realign the spine and strengthen the muscles in the back of the neck. Think of curve correction like the correction of crooked teeth. A dentist adjusts your teeth into the correct position and then uses braces and retainers to hold them in place. Aligning the spine without proper strengthening would be like us just putting your teeth back in place but not keeping them there. We use cervical traction exercises as well as whole body vibration to restore your C1 angle and curve as close as possible to the normal numbers
so you can hold your adjustments better.

Computerized Thermal Scan

We use thermography to detect subluxations of the nervous system.  It is safe to use on everyone including pregnant women.  Thermography measures temperature differences at the body surface indicating nervous system dysfunction at that level.  When performed on the spine, variations indicate nervous system dysfunction at that level.  For example, a variation at C1 which is right by our brainstem the most important bone in your spine. It effects blood supply to the head, pituitary gland, bones of the face, middle ear, and the sympathetic nervous system. Symptoms could be headaches, nervousness, head colds, high blood pressure, dizziness and sleeplessness.

Thermography can detect early onset of diseases because the abnormalities will show earlier than symptoms would begin thereby allowing doctors to intervene sooner.  There are over 800 articles in peer reviewed journals on medical thermography supporting the benefits for early detection for breast cancer; thyroid dysfunction; inflammation leading to cancer, heart disease, and other diseases.

Laser Therapy

We are always looking for ways to improve the care we provide by utilizing modern technologies like Class IV Laser therapy. While using a Class IV Laser for therapy is not new (it was cleared by the FDA in 2003), it is something that many of our patients have never heard of.

Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light (red and near-infrared) to create therapeutic effects. The light that is transmitted via the laser helps stimulate certain processes within the body that help provide relief to symptoms including pain, swelling, and limited range of motion. 

The wavelength of the laser used in Class IV Laser therapy penetrates allowing it to pass energy to the nerve, muscle, ligament, and tendon tissue in a short amount of time.

Class IV Laser increases tissue regeneration which is why you heal faster but it also accelerates soft tissue and bone repair. This kind of laser therapy can also improve nerve regeneration & function as well as impact your cells to increase cell metabolism, enzymatic responses, collagen production, and promote angiogenesis (the creation of new blood vessels). 


When we experience stresses in life and don’t process them properly, they can become physical ailments.
Complete healing of a physical ailment can not occur until all variables are addressed.

NET is a mind-body stress-reduction technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing energy imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. It is a tool that helps improve mental and physical health. NET uses the Home Run Formula model as a way of categorizing health into four general areas – emotional health, environmental toxicity, nutritional balance, and structure. This model provides the practitioner with an innovative, yet time-proven method of analyzing and helping patients.

Lifestyle Evaluation

Our primary focus is to help your nervous system function better by removing interferences so your body can function to its full potential.  Sometimes our bodies need more help because of our lifestyle choices.  We will take a look at how you eat, move, think, and breathe.  Our lifestyle evaluations are tailored to your body and health concerns to help complement the spinal adjustments and curve correction work. This ultimately will unleash the healing power of your body to reduce pain, correct the problem and increase overall function of your body.
Natural alternatives are not designed to treat disease, however they are designed to address
the underlying factors that contribute to causing it.

Informative Wellness Workshops

We are committed to sharing our passion and knowledge so that individuals and families are fully equipped to make educated decisions regarding their health.

We host workshops in and out of the office on various topics such as sugar cravings, self-love, how to read nutrition labels, make your own vision boards, the use of essential oils, thyroid health, and meditation.

Better choices lead to better function, full life expression, and ultimately living the life you desire and deserve.