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Dr. Mayo’s Wife Gets Help From An Adjustment

In the early 20th century, Dr. Charles Mayo, physician, surgeon, and co-founder of the famed Mayo Brothers Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, brought his wife for treatment to Dr. BJ Palmer’s office in Davenport, Iowa.

Dr. Mayo had taken his wife to other physicians, including doctors in Europe, all distinguished diagnosticians and specialists. The specialists had agreed upon a diagnosis of osteochondromatosis of the knee. They had tried everything medical to heal Mrs. Mayo, but all treatment had failed.

When Mrs. Mayo saw Dr. Palmer, spinographs were ordered. Dr. Palmer also performed readings with the neurocalometer and neurocalograph. Dr. Mayo asked why spinal X-rays were being taken. Dr. Palmer explained that he was going to locate the vertebral subluxation which could be the cause of her sickness. Then Dr. Palmer gave Mrs. Mayo an upper cervical chiropractic adjustment to release spinal cord compression from the vertebral occlusion in her spinal canal.

Dr. Mayo could not believe that Dr. Palmer only adjusted his wife and nothing else. Dr. Palmer said to Dr. Mayo, “You bringing her here proves your methods have failed”.

Mrs. Mayo received chiropractic care for several months and became well.

Dr. Palmer explained that while medical doctors are concerned in knowing everything about effects; chiropractors are vitally concerned in the cause which originates in the backbone and chiropractors know how to correct it.

60-80% of Mayo Clinic patients were then referred by “someone” on the staff.

Holistic care wins over medicine. What we do here is unique because we get to the CAUSE. We don’t just patch up your symptoms!

“Look well to the spine for the cause of disease”