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Tapping Therapy

Sometimes we have past hurts stored in our mind that then effect our physical bodies. There is a therapy called Tapping or Thought Field Therapy (TFT) orginiated by Dr. Roger Callahan that can help reduce or eliminate this type of pain.

There are energy pathways or “meridians” throughout the body. These pathways send electrical impulses throughout the body to keep all systems working very similar to the nerve pathways which are stimulated in our body with chiropractic adjustments. The meridians can move and store energy as well as emotions. A person can have an illness, allergy, or chronic pain in a specific area of the body as a result of a specific emotional pain stored in that meridian.

Dr. Callahan discovered that one can release the stored emotions by tapping along these meridians in an acupressure fashion while focusing your mind on the past hurt or current stress such as fear, sadness or anxiety.

To begin determine the emotion you wish to release and determine 1-10 (10 being the highest) how intense the feeling is. You tap 9 different points starting with the karate chop of your left hand (see diagram below). You tap 10 times and then move to top of head tapping 5-7 times working your way down one side of the body to the collarbone and lastly under the arm. Tap until the feeling you are focusing on is down to a 1 or totally gone. As you tap, repeat aloud a phrase about the hurt you are dealing with and follow it up with the affirmation I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Here’s an example of a full phrase to say:

   Even though I am afraid to ask for a raise, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

You can check this out on Youtube as well and tap along. A favorite of mine is Tapping with Brad Yates.

TV host Kelly Ripa had a severe fear of flying resulting from watching airplanes hit the World Trade Center on Sept 11. She worked with Dr. Callahan and was able to get on a five hour flight.