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The 7-Day Happiness Challenge by Jancee Dunn

Day 1: Take Stock of Your Relationships

Harvard study, it’s not our wealth, IQ or social class but our relationships, our bonds that most determines whether we feel fulfilled.

Day 2:  The Secret of the 8-Minute Phone Call

Day 3:  Small Talk Has Big Benefits – talk to someone you don’t know well.

Day 4:  Why You Should Write a ‘Living Eulogy’

Tell an important person in your life how you feel about them.  Think about what they have done for you in your life.  Where or who would you be without them.  Email, text or hand write it. Just send it!

Day 5:  The Importance of Work Friends

A 2022 Gallup report showed that people who have a best friend at work are more engaged than those who don’t.  These people were also more likely to innovate and share ideas, get more work done in less time and report having more fun.

Day 6:  Don’t Cancel Those Plans

Interacting with other people often “improves our mood and makes us happier than we expect it will.

Day 7:  Keep Happiness Going All Year Long


Set specific relationship goals.  Commit to consistency.  Make it a ritual.  For example, Thursday morning coffee date or getting together with friends or family to do a hated postponed chore in exchange for a meal.