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The Truth About Germs

As a child, did you play in the dirt, touch different things, eat foods that may have fallen on the floor? This all helped to promote a healthy immune system. Being exposed to germs is an essential part of developing a strong and healthy immune system. It also decreases the chance of developing things such as allergies and asthma because the body is given a chance early on to recognize these germs and bacteria as harmless.

This notion of being exposed to germs is called “Hygiene Hypothesis” which essentially means that our bodies need practice fighting germs. Our bodies do not need practice, they need exposure. The human body is so intricately designed that after the initial exposure to germs, the body recognizes them and can immediately detect them when exposed again, even if it is years after the initial exposure. Other than leaping into a puddle of mud, there are different ways to expose yourself to bacteria, viruses, and fungi in our everyday life that do not hurt us or affect us in any negative way. In fact, only a small handful of them are likely to make you sick.

Essentially the bottom line is, don’t fear germs. They are everywhere and there is no escaping them. You can find germs everywhere, in the air, on plants, on food, animals, soil, and water…just about every surface you can imagine, including your body. But most germs are not bad! The exposure is inevitable, why not embrace it?

Your nervous system and your immune system are best friends. When your nervous system is turned on with a specific chiropractic adjustment its just like getting your car waxed and you watch the water just trickle off the car. Those nasty bugs will fall to the side when your immune system attacks! Increase one will increase the other. Just make sure your immune system is as strong as it can be from adjustments.