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Top 21 reasons to start seeing a chiropractor

Here are our 21 top reasons to start seeing a chiropractor in 2021—the benefits may surprise you!

1.    Improves nervous system function and the ability of your nerves to carry important impulses throughout the body.

2.    Helps promote a healthier posture.

3.    Improves circulation throughout the body.

4.    Speeds up the injury recovery process.

5.    Decreases degeneration in the connective tissues of the joint, helping to slow the progression of arthritis.

6.    Can help with injury recovery, through manipulations, exercises and therapies.

7.    Proven through studies to decreases pharmaceutical and hospital costs.

8.    Improves quality of sleep by aiding in the nervous system’s blood flow.

9.    Helps correct issues in the neck, including “tech neck.”

10.  Alleviates intensity and frequency of headaches.

11.  Helps enhance immune system function.

12.  Improves mental health by enhancing focus and concentration by treating the brain and nervous system.

13.  Greatly enhances sports and athletic performance.

14.  Helps treat mild to moderate cases of scoliosis.

15.  Reduces blood pressure.

16.  Helps to improve digestion by treating misaligned vertebrae that can lead to gas, acid reflux and heartburn.

17.  Increases energy levels to help your body function properly.

18.  Improves mood so you can feel happier and helps with stress reduction.

19.  Reduces the need for medications, more specifically, pain medication.

20.  Treats whiplash injuries after trip and falls and car accidents.

21.  Can help with a healthier pregnancy and even make delivery easier.


Thanks to Dr. Terence P. McAuliffe Jr., McAuliffe Chiropractic Office