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Did you know that your nervous system’s primary goal is to SURVIVE.  So, when it interprets “danger” all the time, it will always be sacrificial (not good).  It will take calcium from bones, it will send blood to your arms or legs to fight or run, and away from the organs, it will steal energy from your immune system (that’s why you get sick when you are stressed), it effects fertility, digestion, it will create a hyper vigilant state that keeps us awake all night to protect us, and the list goes on and on.  These things are all in an effort to keep us alive and safe.  It is brilliant in its protection.  Long term, it’s killing us. 

The question is how we deal with our stress.

In essence, the chiropractic adjustment helps your nervous system to no longer view danger every minute, so it slows the parts and systems of the body that are on overdrive, and it moves the person into a state of more order, better awareness of its whole being and allows the human an opportunity to THRIVE. That’s powerful!!


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