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What to do when you are congested?

Sinus problems are very uncomfortable feelings that have a negative affect on your day to day lifestyle. But what does visiting a chiropractor have to do with solving sinus issues? Well did you know that chiropractic care and sinus problems are very related to one another.

What Exactly Causes Sinus Problems?

In more technical terms, your sinuses are hollow spaces within the bones of the cheeks and forehead. Sinuses problems occur when mucus takes over your tissues and blocks drainage. This increased pressure then in effect causes clogged nasal passages, fever, chills, swelling, and other forms of pain. 

Those dealing with sinuses issues receive great relief by removing obstructions to the proper drainage of the sinuses. This is specifically in the back and neck areas. When alignment is off regarding your vertebrae, the attached muscles can become swollen and close off the drainage of the head and neck.

Can a Chiropractor Help With Sinus Problems?

This is a common question people might have when associating chiropractic care with sinus problems. Unfortunately when sinus problems arise most people’s initial reaction is to reach for medication, which is a temporary relief. The good news is that there are longer term solutions available instead of just reaching into the medicine cabinet.

This is where chiropractic care comes into play. From a general standpoint, if the body is functioning well at optimal levels of health, then the body is better at fighting off potential illness. In fact, the nervous system (brain & spinal cord) controls the health of the immune system. Therefore, poor spinal health leads to poor immune system health. Any spinal misalignments directly affect our overall health, so getting adjustments can help resolve misalignments and prevent future issues.

Sinus pressure is also often times caused by inflammation in the sinus cavities. Chiropractic care can reduce inflammation and create better immune response. A simple chiropractic adjustment will remove misalignments to reduce nerve interference so the body can once again function at high levels of health.