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Health Tips

We Are Here to Help You Regain Your Health

What’s in your pantry?

The first step toward healthy eating is a fully stocked pantry. When your pantry is stocked with delicious, nutritious foods, it’s much easier (and more fun) to stick to a healthy eating plan.

Here are some suggestions:

Lentils (green, black, yellow, red, take your pick)                                              Garbanzo beans (chickpeas)

Split peas                                                                                                             Kidney, black, navy and pinto beans

Brown, jasmine and basmanti rice                                                            Quinoa

Barley and bulgar                                                                                             Canned coconut milk

Pasta made from black beans and red lentil are great alternatives to white pasta

Crushed, diced tomatoes and tomato paste                                        Marinara or your favorite tomato sauce

Almond, oat and cashew milk                                                                     Canned tuna; wild salmon

Vegetable, chicken or bone broth (low sodium)

Whole almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios (raw is better) raw nuts and chia seeds

Flaxseeds, Hempseeds, Sunflower seeds                                                             Avocado oil

Shredded coconut                                                                                           Extra virgin olive oil

Nuts/seed butter (almond, peanut, coconut, tahini, etc.)                             Cold press virgin coconut oil

Apple cider, balsamic rice or red wine vinegar                                     Mustard

Coconut amino acids (soy sauce alternative; make sure they are low in sodium)

Cumin, smoke paprika, chili, black pepper, curry, turmeric and other colorful spices

Honey, and other healthy sweeteners


Choosing to eat clean brings so many benefits to your overall well-being. Above all, it’s about how the foods you consume make you feel, and the nutritional value they add to your daily activities . . .  so you can live your best life.