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Whole Body vs Parts

These days we have a specialist for everything.  If you are diagnosed with a GI issue, a heart issue, a thyroid issue, a kidney issue and an autoimmune issue you have to see 5 different doctors.  That is treating the parts vs treating the body as a whole.  Each doctor will put you on some type of drug that will have side effects which may cause you to see even more doctors to deal with the side effects.  This is a vicious cycle. Do you think one organ has an effect on another organ?  YES! Do you think that if you are having multiple issues it can be due to a common cause?  YES! And do the specialists consult with one another?  NO!

Eastern medicine treats the body as a whole – anything can cause anything.  We strive to get to the root cause of a patient’s issue or issues.  We take a systemic approach before going in to treat one specific area.  The system that effects everything in your body is your nervous system.  That’s the system we focus on.  What if your migraines are due to toxicity in the liver due to a yeast infection in your gut that you are feeding toxic foods and alcohol?  How will a migraine drug ever help this?  BUT the nervous system effects your head, liver and gut.  If there is interference in your nervous system due to subluxations, then all these areas will not be working at optimum.  The human body needs no help, just no interference to be healthy.  Chiropractic removes the interference.

Dr. Charlie Fagenholz