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Health Tips

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Why don’t doctors tell you to take magnesium instead of stool softeners?  (Which dehydrate the bowel)

Why don’t doctors tell you to change your diet when you have heart burn/indigestion instead of giving you Prilosec?  (This causes more heartburn, colon cancer and osteoporosis, leaves food fermenting in your body.)

Why don’t doctors tell you that herbs and certain foods can also heal?

Why don’t doctors tell you to lower toxic chemicals in your home when you have constant headaches and allergies? (Fragrances and chemicals cause toxic buildup in our cells, cause more allergies and headaches.)

Why are you not informed that if you eat a grapefruit everyday it will lower your blood pressure naturally and you don’t need pills? 

Why don’t doctors tell you about herbs and teas to support immune/digestive functions? 

Why don’t doctors tell you to take supplements to boost your health prior to becoming sick and instead recommend pills?

Why isn’t your doctor suggesting that you take a probiotic daily?  (This boosts immune function, helps clean and balance the bowel, helps regulate absorption and elimination, keeps allergies at bay.)

Why don’t doctors create lifestyle plans for patients instead of offering pills?  (Lifestyle choices are 90%+ the cause of illness.)

Why don’t doctors teach you that your emotions stored in your physical body can cause you mental anguish, instead they say you need medication?

Healing is REAL and possible.