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What most people don’t know about the spine, other than it houses the “software” that keeps us alive and thriving, is that it’s a structure that responds to how efficient our brain is.  And the most amount of energy we invest is used for staying upright against gravity. 

Often we can see from the outside how well or how exhausted the system is.  We see that from posture.  When we see the spine collapsing in on itself or compensating by let’s say having a head tilt one way, we know we are losing the battle with gravity.  And gravity NEVER rests.  Gravity is constant.  And time marches on, and the spine gets more and more tired.  And the distortions become more visible.

When the system is not efficient, not only does gravity seem too much, the load of life becomes too much, and our thresholds for normal daily activity lessens.  That’s why it is hard for you to work or do your activities.  Then imagine piling a traumatic injury on top of that, and you have an exhausted system.

The AMAZING THING IS OUR POTENTIAL, once you are connected and your nervous system is clear.  The nervous system is designed to be an efficient machine.  It is designed to be rested and restorative. 

Thanks again for these words of wisdom,
 Brandi McDonald